Participant Registration

Politani Samarinda opens the opportunity for the general public to attend the International Coconut Conference (ICC) at Novhotel Balikpapan, 29 June 2022  at 08.00 WITA . Audience participants will get a certificate as a participant and *Free IKN City Tour (30  June 2022) 

Audience Fee / Non Presenter*:

  1. Student/Teacher (Rp 150,000)
  2. General/Lecturers/S2/S3 students (Reguler) (Rp 300,000)
  3. General/Lecturers/S2/S3 students (Full Pack *Free IKN Coconut Planting ) (Rp 450,000)
  4. General (Premium Pack *Free IKN Coconut Planting + T-Shirt) (Rp 600,000)

Registration of non-presenters (Audience Participants) for ICC Politani Samarinda can be done online via ATM transfer or buying tickets directly to Humas Politani Samarinda. Registration no later than 24 June, 2022
Cp: Andi Lisna  ( 08134295-3550 )

Payment Account. BNI 1207251103 Name:TEPIAN, Audience participants will get a certificate as a participant, 1x lunch, 2x snack and *Free IKN Coconut Planting (30 June 2022)